Vacuum Cleaners for Sandblasting

Vacuum Cleaners for Sandblasting
February 13, 2017 iVision Vacuum

iVision has designed and experimented with a range of vacuums specific for industries that handle industrial sandblasting and, in particular, for the suction of sands and grits.

With a specific filtration system, it’s possible to separate the scraps produced from the process of sandblasting in order to be able to reuse them.

The iVision vacuums are used next to your sand blasters; thanks to their air flow and pressure characteristics, they are ideal for the intense collection of grits, sands, corundum and microspheres.

The optimum filtration efficiency in pressure guarantees a concentration of dust ejected as less than 0.1 mg/Nm3 for the iVision vacuums, falling within even the most stringent requirements of regulation.

The vacuums for sandblasting work can be ATEX – area 22 certified, guaranteeing a very high standard of filtration and safety, which are very suitable for use in the presence of toxic or potentially explosive dust. All vacuums respect the new guidelines on energy saving, exclusively using IE2 High efficiency electric motors.