Vacuum Cleaners for CNC machines

Vacuum Cleaners for CNC machines
February 3, 2017 iVision Vacuum

The company iVision was born to design and implement the best vacuum cleaners for CNC machines.

Knowing that the application of numerical control machines can take many facets, having to adapt to different production sites, iVision offers a series of industrial vacuums that, thanks to the constant research and development, have been able to adapt better to the needs of customers.

The industrial vacuum cleaners for CNC machines designed by iVision have been designed to ensure ease of operation with every use, taking advantage of the potential of each product. The evolution of iVision products has generated a versatility of use, in such a way as to get as close as possible to the production of CNC machines, reducing the time of cleaning and deterioration of the machinery. Besides emptying the collection tank with a lift kit, which iVision has specially developed for large industries with mechanical production, it also provides the possibility of collecting material in large quantities with maximum security.

iVision proposes different models for CNC machines, among these being the iV3 Emulsio vacuum and the iV3 Flat, which tools are appropriate for obtaining a high performance for the collection of waste materials. In these models, but also applicable to all other models in the iVision range, the remote control is recommended, an innovative system that can optimize the amount of time to collect materials and can be turned on/off simultaneously with the production machinery.

iVision knows well that constant cleaning is essential to reduce the degradation of the working environment that can reduce downtime in production, and for this it is ensures the highest reliability and safety of vacuum cleaners for CNC machines.