Industrial Vacuums for Wood

Industrial Vacuums for Wood
February 13, 2017 iVision Vacuum

iVision has designed and experimented with a range of vacuums specific for the carpentry production cycle and to suction wood chips and dust.

Vacuums for the Wood Line  are used next to your machine tools; thanks to their air flow and pressure characteristics, they are ideal for the intense collection of wood and composite material chippings.

The optimum filtration efficiency in pressure guarantees a concentration of powders ejected less than 0.1 mg/Nm3, falling within even the most stringent requirements of regulation.

All of our vacuums respect the new guidelines on energy saving, exclusively using IE2 High efficiency electric motors.

The study of particular geometries in the fan rotors, guarantees a noise level below 80dB(A).

Our vacuums may be supplied both in the normal version and in the ATEX – area 22 certified version, which are required for use when working with potentially explosive or toxic materials.